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The rooms at Chandos Premier Hotel have been praised as comfortable and of good quality by many visitors for over 50 years. With high-quality plush materials throughout your stay should be just as good as theirs.


Our Single room with a toilet and shower built in allows a single person to have a place to go at night time for some sleep.

Shared Bathroom

Our Single room with a shared bathroom is a favorite among people looking for a cheap nights stay, especially useful if you are a contractor or just visiting.


We have a number of rooms in this size at Chandos Premier Folkestone. They provide you the convenience of a double bedroom price with the size of a Triple bedroom and if there are three of you who want to stay in the same room then there is room for that as well.

Oh, and there is a bathroom for extra convinience.

Small Double

We offer a smaller double room with a shared toilet to meet the needs of a less expensive stay. 


Our Best and Biggest Rooms of all. Plenty of space for a family of 4, or 3 adults with the convenience of a Bathroom and large TV in the room.